We can help You at every stage of your Home Design journey.

Penrith Architects in Blackburn are a Full Service Architecture studio.  Penrith Architects were established over 10 years ago because there were no established firms of Architects who embraced our Principals vison of what a firm of Architects should be in the 21st Century.

He believed the role of the Architect had died and that existing firms of Architects were holding on to the past and the Traditional Role of the Architect rooted in the 1970s.

Central to our founding principals philosophy was the tradition of the master builder. This idea forms the foundation of everything we do.  Penrith Architects in Blackburn are much more than the creator of lines on a piece of paper.  As Master Builders we take responsibility for all aspects of your project.

From inception through to completion we take care of all your project needs from Design Development, Planning, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape and Construction.  Our approach results in an integrated and harmonious whole.

We continue to maintain this vision and to date, we are still the only firm of Architects in the Blackburn area, and very much beyond, that has upgraded their vison of what a truly Modern Firm of Architects should be in the 21 Century.


Architect Services

We are regulated by the Architects Registration Board in the UK and able to offer a full or partial Architectural service depending on Your needs.


Interior Design & Décor

Our Interior designers support our Architect led teams to create beautiful interiors that compliant our Architectural design and Clients aspirations


Planning Consultancy

We have our very own experienced Planning Consultant who ensures we achieve a successful planning outcome even in the most difficult situations. Whether it is a listed building or in a National Park our in-house planners support the Architects design strategies.


Construction Management

Our experienced construction managers deliver our designs.. The drawings we prepare are not just lines on a piece of paper. They are an indication of our Clients expectations which need to materialise from paper to reality.